God is Near


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(Copyright Wanda West Palmer Publishing 1993-2014)

This song is dedicated to the Don Hon family, in loving memory of Don Hon (father) and Aaron Hon (son). My daughter Brenda Rae Palmer Hon is married to Scott Don Hon, son and brother of the deceased.

Aaron Hon had just returned home from his mission and he and his father were looking forward to a scuba diving trip to Rocky Point, Mexico. The Hon family had previously made many trips to Mexico and they all enjoyed scuba diving. Don and Aaron planned that there would be at least a party of 4 that would be going with them.

On their planned day of departure, the others in the party cancelled. Don and his son Aaron were very familiar with the area, so they decided to go with just the two of them. Don and Aaron said goodbye to their family and when the family did not hear from them by the appointed time, they began to be concerned. (Cell phones were not in use at that time.)

After a few days and no word was received, an earnest search for the missing father and son began. After a week, when my daughter Brenda and son-in law Scott feared the worse, the words and melody to a song to bring them comfort began to form in my mind. I immediately received the main body of the song, but I could not finish it until we knew for sure what happened to Don and Aaron Hon in Mexico.

Two years later the bodies were found and brought home for burial. It was then that I was finally able to complete the song I had been inspired to write earlier. I had the melody to the main body of the song, but I needed some words that would say what I wanted to be said. A few years earlier I was requested to write some special music for a pageant. One of the songs used in the pageant that really sunk into my heart was a song written by Janice Kapp Perry called, “There is Eternity.” Some of the lyrics said perfectly the comforting words that I felt needed to be heard. I tried to find other words but they did not compare. Janice graciously gave me permission to use them. Thank You Janice, your meaningful words have been a great comfort to us all!

Now, after twenty (20) years I am finally publishing, “God is Near.”

God is Near

When trials come upon you, with heartaches unexplained, When questions seem unanswered and words can’t ease your pain, When it seems that life’s against you, and you feel you can’t go on, Look towards the heavens and sing this song.

God is near, and He is here to calm your troubled heart.
He hears your prayer; He is there, all blessings to impart.
God is near and He will lead and take you by the hand.
He hears your plea, He knows your need, He’ll help you understand.

And you will never be alone! No, you will never be alone, For you are God’s own child.
He knows the path you trod, He knows the path you trod, He knows your journey’s end.

And He’ll be there for you, to care for you, each and every one. Trust in Him, have faith in Him, say, “Thy will be done.” God is near, and with His truth and light you’ll surely see And understand He has a plan. There is eternity.

And you will never be alone! No, you will never be alone, For you are Gods own child.
And He will carry you, yes, He will carry you,
And hold you in His arms.

God is near (God is near). God is here (God is here). God is near. 

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