About Our Artists

David Bowman

David Bowman

“When someone asks me, “How long have you been doing art?” to me it’s like being asked “How long have you been breathing?” Ever since I can remember, I have loved to draw. Some of my earliest artistic memories are of huge Star Wars battle scenes passionately scribbled out on my little portable chalkboard. I would draw and draw and draw, pause, take a look at the finished product, then erase everything and start over. Even as a small child, I was experiencing the simple, raw “joy of creation”.

Since then, I’ve always found great satisfaction in creating. I believe it’s one of those traits we inherit from God. To me, it’s one of the most exciting things: to be inspired with an idea and then, little by little, turn that idea into something tangible and real. Even more exciting is when that tangible thing you’ve created has the potential to uplift and inspire others. That’s really when you feel God’s hand moving through you.

Having lived in the Grand Canyon State since 2000, David (although born and raised in California) now considers himself a full-blooded Arizonan. He and his wife, Natalie, live in the White Mountains of North Eastern Arizona, with their 4 children. They love camping together, skiing (yes, there is a ski resort close by… Arizona isn’t ALL cactus), and anything outdoors-ish. David has a quant gallery/studio on main street of their small town, where he is able entertain foot traffic and have a quiet place to draw.”

Howard Lyon

Howard began his career studying illustration at Brigham Young University working with artists such as Robert Barrett, Don Seegmiller, James Christensen and Greg Olsen. Over the past 20 years he has worked in the video game industry as an Art Director, concept artist and freelance illustrator.  For much of his career he has painted dragons and trolls or scenes from science fiction.  His work can be found in products from Dungeons and Dragon’s books, World of Warcraft cards, Magic the Gathering and Star Wars.  He has studied art in Italy, France and most recently at the Grand Central Academy in New York.  He has recently combined these experiences to switch gears and expand his subject matter to create inspirational pieces in the style of some of his favorite old masters: William Bouguereau, Lawrence Alma-Tadema, and John William Waterhouse.

Howard’s recent painting “From Fear to Faith” won a Merit Award in the 26th Annual Spiritual and Religious Art of Utah Exhibition. It was one of 6 pieces chosen out of 200 as the viewer’s Choice Award as part of the 9th international religious show at the LDS Church History and Art Museum. About 1200 pieces were submitted and less than 200 were accepted in this show.  This piece has also selected as a finalist in the figurative category for the 2012 Art Renewal Salon.

Howard recently finished two large 15 foot murals that have been hung in the new Gilbert, Arizona Temple Baptistery.

Joseph Brickey

Joseph F. Brickey was born on June 11, 1973, the fourth of twelve children, to Wayne and Joanne Brickey.  Joseph currently lives in Orem, Utah with his wife, Angela, and their seven children.

Joseph has spent over 20 years studying art throughout the United States and Europe. He graduated from Brigham Young University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, and earned his Master’s degree from New York Academy of Art.  Joseph’s award winning paintings and sculptures have appeared in publications and museums too numerous to recount here, and, most recently, he gained acclaim in New York City and in Italy for his classical works in clay and marble.

Joseph has found success and reknown in his field by painting many subjects, but considers creating religious artwork his greatest honor as an artist.  He has been privileged to be commissioned to paint for Latter-day Saint temples throughout the world. Joseph paints in a style reminiscent of the old masters, using classical form and composition to create art filled with symbolism. He believes that “art should both measure up in the museum and capture the common heart. The greatest art is that which generates the greatest good.”

Joseph currently teaches as an adjunct faculty member at Brigham Young University, and heads up the painting & sculpture program at Beaux-Arts Atelier in Salt Lake City, Utah.